Our Mission

After buying shoes online, high school founders Rohan Bhatia, Cole Nachman, and Matt Thompson realized that there was a huge gap in the market when it came to high schoolers and online shoe shopping. This is why Lace-Up was created, a site that helps you find the trendiest shoes, for the best price, from the most reliable sites.
Lace-Up gives you live updates of the coolest shoes in the market through its trending page, which ranks shoes based on what others users are viewing, liking, and buying. On the homepage, you can get an extra dimension of what is popular by seeing what some of the largest athletes and celebrities are wearing. When you finally find the best shoes for you, you can see a price comparison of the top online shoe vendors to ensure you the best price from a reliable site.
No more worrying about what’s popular. No more worrying about getting the best deals.
Lace-Up: revolutionizing online shoe shopping for students like you.